If you are looking for quality and niche ingredients, from a supplier who values trust, professionalism and open communication, you have landed to the right place.

La Citronnelle is a dedicated and passionate small team focusing on providing Indonesian and Papua gourmet vanilla beans. The passion for Indonesia, for exploration and professionalism drive us to people and places that produce and prepare well-loved vanilla beans.

Thanks to our relationships with small scale producers, we also provide customers with unique essential oils, as well as coffee beans.

La Citronnelle team puts lots of emphasis on developing loyal and trustworthy relationships with its partners. From exploring the wonderful indonesia to look for dedicated farmers, to supervising the drying and sorting process, to collaborating with professional logistic partners, to providing food analysis, we aim for traceability and transparency.

We want you to be fully satisfied, confident and delighted to source & serve quality ingredients to your customers.

"As a small scale supplier, we are not aspiring or aiming to change the world. However, we are doing our best to put indonesian farmers at the forefront, to inspire the current and next generation to get involved into the farming world, and to bring a great sense of joy and pleasure to people using and consuming our vanilla."

— La Citronnelle founders